Comprehensive Quality Control Before Export

Ensure the quality of your products so that they are delivered exactly as expected!

Our Quality Assurance

Beraves wants to provide our customers with a service that meets the highest expectations,, and quality control is one of the most important. Our years of experience can provide you with the most comprehensive QC inspection services.

How We Inspect Your Products

Factory Audit

Factory Selection(FA)

We will select factory from the aspects of scale, qualification, production capacity, management system, etc.,to ensure that the factory can consistently deliver products of the required quality to reduce the risk of customers.

Pre-production inspection(IPC)

We will check whether the first batch of products are produced according to the specifications of raw materials and parts specified by you. If problems are found, we will rectify them in time to avoid subsequent problems

In-Production Inspection (DUPRO)

When production is in full swing, testing will be performed daily. Factory personnel will perform the first inspection and our professionals will accompany them for the second inspection, thus ensuring the quality level during the production cycle

Pre-shipment inspection(PSI)

When the product is basically finished or produced, we will accept the product as a whole, such as specifications and dimensions, quality requirements, color stickers, packaging, etc. This is also the last chance to correct problems.

Inspection during shipment(CLS)

Also known as "container loading inspection" is the final step in the manufacturing process, performed at the warehouse or freight forwarder's premises. Container loading supervision services are necessary to ensure that the correct products and the correct quantities are loaded into the container. As well as checking that the cartons and containers are in good condition

Laboratory Testing

We randomly send products to our laboratory for testing and make them pass performance, safety, quality, and any other standard tests to ensure that every product produced meets the requirements.

Having Quality Control Issues? Let Us Help You!


If you use one of our designated suppliers and a defective product is detected in our warehouse, we will replace the product for you free of charge.

Contact our team in time and we will try our best to cooperate. Give compensation or replacement within the condition

If you use our designated suppliers we will help you to reduce this part of the price as low as possible, or even no, if you use your own suppliers we need to account for the time and region.

Any of our testing, we will carry out real-time docking, as soon as we receive the results on our side, immediately communicate with the customer, according to a standard of the customer and then rectification, to protect the quality of customer products